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I'm a lurker here, but I've run into a wall and figured I would actually post (yes, I just created my name...I lurked annon). Excellent site, with tons of info and advice. Now, I'm asking for some advice also (go figure).

I've been looking for a job in the DC area (I presently live in Louisiana...not exactly a "Tech Sector" if you know what I mean) for the last 4 months. I've run into requirements that I've never even heard of (programs, certs, clearance, etc). The one job that I thought I might get (perfect job...aren't they all?), was given to someone else because I wasn't in the area even though I WILL be moving there by the end of next month (there is a woman involved...she's THE woman...).

Now, I've searched through Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder and HotJobs and have applied to well over 150 places, and have had only one bite. I'm the type of person that gets frustrated rather easily. Because of this, I'm trying NOT to get discouraged...but it's hard.

As I see it, I have only a couple options. 1) Continue to look for a job the old way (Monster, et al.). 2) Move, take any job I can get (McDonalds, Best Buy etc) and work on Certs while looking for a job local. 3) Look for a headhunter service for Tech people.

1) This option doesn't appeal to me. It's not working, and quite frankly, the flying back and forth from Maryland to Louisiana is killing me. Heck, being away from HER is killing me.

2) I don't want to ruin my resume (2 years as a network tech, followed by 3 years of computer work (build, maint, etc) with more network work, followed by my present job (2.5 years) of SysAdmin for 250 computers, 4 labs and a server). The Certs would be nice (all I have right now is A+), but at the risk of killing my's just not worth it.

3) I have no experience with these and don't know how reliable they can be.

Any suggestions at all?! Any help (any at all) would be GREATLY appreciated.



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    Unfortunately in a world ruled by academic credentials it is very difficult to find a job - even with proven hands on experience...

    You should be getting some more Certs to add to your resume - A+ and a couple of years experience won't "wow" anyone. CompTIA is globally recognized and respected, I would suggest you get a few more Certs asap... it'll make things much easier to find you a placement if you have more credentials.

    Network+ right away since you're surely ready given your experience - check out for a thorough breakdown of Certs and their use ( cost effectiveness vs cost ) and start writing...

    Obviously what you have now in terms of Certs/Exp combo is not working for you - see your results with job boards... Time to change the gameplan!

    How good are recruiters? Well, they make their money only if you get a job... they work in a % and get paid by the employer who hires you. Again, since what you've been doing isn't working - try 'em - but keep in mind, with no Certs in your resume it won't be an easy task, even for someone who has tons of contacts...

    2ndly - If you plan on moving you would be very wise to have a job first ..the love of your life won't stick around if you're living out of your car...

    A being Darkly Wise and Rudely Great
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    Am taking the plunge and am moving May 29th to Maryland. Will look in earnest for a job upon my arrival and will work on certs once I get there.

    This is a big step for me. I'm a calculating person, and this is a huge risk...but one with MANY benefits.

    Thanks for the input.
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    Keep your head up, take what you can get, and it will all work out.

    If one thing isn't working, change your strategy. After all, if it isn't working, you have nothing to lose, right?
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    icon_sad.gif wish I was heading to Maryland (from Annapolis)

    I Also am trying to break in to networking. I have 30 yrs exp in computer mainframes, plus military, plus sales.

    A+ Net+ not opening doors yet, and I am willing to take a pay cut to get into the field. I have done a couple temp jobs locally, and also willing to go to Best Buy icon_confused.gif in hopes of seeing speciality SW used to diagnose problems.

    Am slowly working on MCSE/MCSA, but the class I took has hardly prepared me for the exam - setting up systems at home (used them for the other certs)

    Anyone just moved up & have left a 'newbie' posistion open could help by posting the opportunity.

    Any suggestions on how to phrase a cover letter to get a newbie spot? icon_rolleyes.gif
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    I am just guessing you will be moving in with your other when you get there. I would suggest take any work you can get so at least you can help support each other. When you write your resume, you do not have to put in all of the jobs you have worked espically if it is not related. There are many ways to write a resume you do not have to write one in chronological order of your work experiance if there are gaps in the time frame.

    While you are looking to get into your career and working your other job, go do some social engineering. Look for user goups in that area. Go to churches, schools, colleges, and hospitals and ask if they need any help with their networks. Yes, these are the places with the lowest budgets they will even tell you that. Explain your situation and your love of working with computers and networks and they will probably let you play. It will more than likley be a volunteer thing but think of it as an absolutly free school. It will keep your hands on the computers and introduce you to people in the field. Before you know it a postion will open at the place you are at or someone you are helping will know about a opening.

    Another place to look is the VA (Veterans Affairs). The VA is short staffed, espically now thanks to Bush, and there are a lot of military buldings in that area. Look for VA offices that offer VA Student work studies. You can't do a VA work study unless you are a veteran going to school but you could still volunteer to help them. They all use Department of Defence computers, to even use a DoD computer you have to have a security clearance. The VA will get you one. To be just a local administrator one computer (That is all you will be at first) you have to take the DoD Information Assurance Security Officer courses. That is basically installing and maintaining XP, Security+, and the Network+ but you will still get a certificate of training from the Army plus there are other classes that you have to take. If you want more information just let me know. If you can go the VA route I would do so. For volunteering you would walk out with a security clearance and some training.

    I guess I am basically saying don't get discouraged. You may not get a job the second day you get there and don't expect to. Get to know some people it is worth it even if you have to volunteer. It is worth it plus you will have knowladge of how quite a few IT departments work and will make you a lot more marketable.
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