Passed Network+!

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Passed my Network+ this morning....used the technotes on this site (which were very helpful) along with Exam Cram Ed. 2 and a bunch of practice exams online...thanx for all the posts from members online!


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    What's next? :P
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    Hard times on planet earth.
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    What's next? :P
    Ditto! icon_lol.gif
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    Good Job, care to shed some light on what your test was like? ;)
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    way to go!! congrads icon_lol.gif
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    congrats! what areas were covered heavily?
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    Congratulations. I expect to have the same result as you.
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    Best advice for the test..know the OSI model in and out..know what protocols go where and what they do...also be sure to know all ports, cable lengths and interoperability btwn network OS's...basically, if u look at the CompTIA website and follow the objectives piece by piece you should have no problem.
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