Any Good Labs on NAT and ZBase Firewall configs

itdaddyitdaddy Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□
He guys.
do you know of any complete labs on NAT with 3 zones in a zoned base firewall. (in, out, dmz). You know I can config both but I have a heck
of a time putting them together and this is a common skill. any suggestions on lab material to see these two working together?
I mean, I understand I need to have routing work, then NAT and then ZBF configured. I mean that is how I would do it in a layered approach but
for some reason when I combine the 2 NAT/ZBF it just doesn't work.
I need some good configs so I can what I am doing wrong. Complet conifgs. Thanks any ideas on lab material...thank youicon_redface.gif
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