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So here's my story, I had originally set the exam for the 10th, on the 8th I didn't feel ready enough, so I pushed it back, I didnt really choose a date, I just chose any random date in the future and thought, hey I'll come back a choose a date later. Well on the 21st I checked and suprise, I had scheduled the test for that day! I had been studying a couple of hours per night, but heck, I wasn't really ready and I hadn't even studied the previous night. Nevertheless, it was too late, I had my exam in 3 hours and there was nothing I could do, either go or loose my money.

So I stopped my workday and started studying with that urgency feeling. Went to take my exam, and...failed by 1 miserable question! Darn it...The worst part is, I had too much coffee in the office during the morning and while I was taking the exam I urgently needed to go take a leak, I dont think I even looked at the last question and Im sure I got it wrong. All I could think off was I need to get out of here. And then my score shows up and I'm like really?

The good thing is I am more prepared than I thought, I really walked in expecting to maybe get 50% of the total score, I ended up being just 10 points away from the passing grade.

I've never really failed a cisco exam before. Are re-takes significantly harder ? I wish they had that "comeback" offer they had in 09.


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    Sorry hear about that. Do you work with Cisco IPS? I only ask because I don't know anyone who does. I am sure you will kill it next time.
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    Don't sweat it. Sit back, regroup, and knock it out of the ballpark. BTW, do you work for Cisco TAC in Costa Rica? I have spoken to several people there and they really know their stuff.

    Good luck!
    Every day hurts, the last one kills.
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    Thanks guys. I'm not really too bumbed about it considering the facts, hope I knock it out on the second try.

    I don't work for Cisco TAC in Costa Rica, but I do have friends that do. And I don't actually work with IPS, it's just the one exam that I am missing for my CCSP (or CCNP Security as I refuse to call it). The only person I know that works with the IPS is a friend in Cisco.

    I am lucky enough that I do consulting work for a company that has a paid suscription to CBT Nuggets, so they let me use that. So, my only resources for this exam have been CBT Nuggets, my friend, and GigaVelocity.

    After this, I think I'm taking a detour from Cisco study path and going for a course offered by
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