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Iam a CCNA and currently working in VoIP field and planning to take up a CCVP certification. Can anybody help me with information on where I can get CCVP training. Iam from India. Is there any online training sites and also help me with names of some books that will help me with the exams

Thank you


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    Bootcamps are springing up. I am finished with mine tomorrow at Globalnettraining in Dallas.
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    How was the bootcamp? It doesn't seem that you can squeeze 5 subjects into two weeks and walk-away with an in depth knowledge of all the topics. I have been studying for the CIPT for a couple months now. There is so much about callmanager that is not covered in the MCS boot camp.
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    I attended the Globalnet CCVP boot camp. We were told it was the first group through (though there had been a beta group earlier) and there were problems. Some of the folks who attended were hoping it would teach them the content in depth and not just prepare for the tests. They were disappointed.

    As someone who has been supporting the Cisco IP Telephony products for five years, and focused totally in this area for over two and a half years, I do not see how how a two-week boot camp could bring someone up to speed on all areas covered by the CCVP tests. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ATTENDING A CCVP BOOTCAMP UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THE PRODUCTS AND/OR HAVE DONE SOME SERIOUS READING BEFORE YOU GET THERE. This is not like routing and switching, where you can be immersed with the products until passing the test is simple. These products including switching, routing, Windows 2000 Server, SQL Server, Call Manager, Unity, Exchange, and more. You will not enter a two week CCVP boot camp as a novice and leave as an expert.

    We each had our own pod with routers, Call Manager, two analog and two IP phones. We covered CVOICE, QOS, CIPT, GKGW, and IPTT in that order. Most subjects got 1.5 to 2 days coverage. The labs were good (not exceptional), but there were not many of them. Most instruction was lecture and a few demos. We did not install any software. We did create dial peers, configure H.323 and MGCP, configured some QOS, and configured a gatekeeper.

    Also, Globalnet (and I imagine other training companies as well) have very few teachers capable of teaching this subject, so when our instructor entered the hospital with kidney stones, we were left hanging.

    Out of twelve, two of us left with our CCVP certs, and most others had one or two tests to retake. I achieved my primary goal of getting the cert, but was dissappointed that I did not learn as much as I had hoped. Nor did this course pull all of it together to help me leverage my existing understanding. There were very few labs, but this was an area we all complained of, and I expect it will be fixed in later runs of the course.

    This was an exam prep boot camp and nothing more. Some of the other students had taken other classes or boot camps with Globalnet and this was not what they had experienced before. They said that the CCNP boot camp had been dominated by labs and they had been immersed in the technology. They came away from that experience with skills they could use, not just what they needed to pass the exams. So they were dissappointed when this boot camp was so different from what they had experienced previously.
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    crumbaughs wrote:
    This goes for all certifications and bootcamps. As you found out, bootcamps prepare you for passing exams, not train you to gain the skills one would expect from someone who holds the corresponding certification. They care only about the cash, not whether they actually deliver quality professionals. If you want an instructor-led classroom course, go for the official cisco courses or thru the cisco net academy. The money spent on Cisco bootcamps is usually better spent on Cisco equipment for a home lab. Which has the additional benifits that you can sell it after you passed the exams, or can use it as a test lab for future jobs/projects. There are always exceptions of course, depending mostly on the instructor.

    But you passed those exams so you deserve the certification. Did you receive any good study material you can reuse?
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