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Hey all!

Ive just started down the CCNA wireless track. Working with live Cisco equipment greatly helped me study for the CCENT and CCNA. Ideally, Id also like to use live equipment in some respect when studying wireless. Is there any affordable Cisco wireless equipment that you all could recommend for lab use? I looked at some of their WLAN controllers, which are way too expensive, and saw a couple higher end AP's in the 500.00 range, but those are too far out of my price range for lab equipment -- especially if I should be buying more than one AP.

Is there anything you all can recommend?
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    Other then browsing ebay for cheaper prices I can't think of anything.
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    Would an AIR-AP1232AG-A-K9 be useful for home lab for wireless ?

    The only gotchas seem to be the cheap ones don't come with a plugpack so thats about an extra $20 or more for poe injector
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    There are lightweight and autonomous access points, as well as those that can be either.

    Lightweight Access Point FAQ - Cisco Systems

    A PoE switch can overcome the need for an injector, something to think about if you also need a switch for your lab.
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    In my opinion it's only worth pursuing the wireless route if you work with the technology and have access to a wireless controller, WCS and some fairly recent APs.

    None of the above is cheap or what I would class as affordable to buy myself, therefore best bet is to gain access through your work if they use cisco wireless.

    I've heard that CCNA:Wireless is not a hands on exam and the majority of people who sit it don't buy a lab although it would help to build an understanding as to how the equipment operates.

    I'm sitting the CCNA:wireless within the next month or so, but have access to a lab with WCS, 4400 WLC's and LWAP's along with having carried out several customer deployments. This being said I don't believe this level of exposure is crucial to pass the CCNA wireless.
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    Well I just got my certification done and I don't see myself using this gear for a while. This is all you need at this link: 640-721 CCNA Wireless Certification Kit | eBay

    I'm keeping my CCNA Security kit as I can use that for CCNP CCNA Voice.

    I also recommend purchasing a Cisco Catalyst c3550. That acts as both your switch AND your router. You just enable routing by using the "ip routing" global configuration command. Then you set your vlan interfaces such as "interface vlan 80." ip address Then you do the usual switch port mode access switch port access vlan 80 stuff you did with the CCNA. The 3550 does not require a router for inter vlan routing. Also, the c3550 can power all the access points I'm selling with no power cord. I do include 2 power cords just in case. You won't need to use more than 2 at a time.
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    I work with wireless and would recommend that you just bite the bullet and get some rack rental with IPExpert or any other WLAN rack provider.

    The controllers are indeed way too expensive, and if you are interested in WLAN as a technology and what it really does, have a look at CWNP and check out their CWNA certification.

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