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I am currently 3 exams into my Windows 2000 MCSE track (1 to go for MCSA and 4 for MCSE) I know this has been touched on before but do you think I will have time to finish my MCSE on Windows 2000 before Microsoft no longer supports Windows 2000 testing? I am taking these test on my own so it takes about 2 months per test before I feel comfortable enough to take the exam and I would hate to be 6 test into MCSE and all of a sudden Microsoft pulls the rug out from under me, however if this happened though what options would I have? Could I take the 2003 upgrade exam and be able to use my Windows 2000 tests toward credit on my MCSE on the 2003 track?

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    current Microsoft Policy is to announce exam retirements in June and to give a years notice, so the earliest one of the 2000 exams would retire is June of 2006.

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