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ok well first of all im so embrassed that I'm putting this up as a post but I havent done it in a while so I think im doing something wrong.

I did a full backup of the AD then deleted a OU just to see if it works I then restarted the server went to directory services restore mode by pressing F8 did the offline useraccount .\administrator followed by the password I then did the following commands in cmd:


[FONT=&quot]authoritative restore

activate instance "NTDS"

authoritative restore and press enter

restore subtree "DC=banana,DC=internal" [/FONT]

after that I logged back into the DC and the OU I deleted wasnt there after I backed up.

I know there is another way with the wbadmin process etc.

But the process I did doesnt work and I remember doing this in my AD Exam and it worked and i cant find anything on the net related to my problem.

does anybody know whats going on.



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    Try "restore subtree ou=OUName,dc=banana=internal" - That should do it, I don't think you can restore "subtree" then use it to restore the whole database.

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    sina2011sina2011 Member Posts: 239 ■□□□□□□□□□
    hey sykk

    thanks for the reply I actually just fixed it

    What I had to do after I backed up from the ADDS I had to do a recover in ADSRM as well then do the following commands:

    authoritative restore
    activate instance NTDS
    authoritative restore
    [FONT=&quot]restore subtree "DC=banana,DC=internal" [/FONT]

    I feel so stupid because I did this when I was studying for the 70-640. icon_sad.gif

    Thanks anyway Appreciate it.
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