Career guidance for an IT student interested in Business & Marketing - Help pls?

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I am an IT student studying in NIBM (Sri Lanka).I have finished Diploma in Computer Systems Design (DCSD) and Higher Diploma in Computer Based Information Systems (HDCBIS).I am willing to read for a Bsc degree (from the same institute) Management Information Systems (MIS) which is in collaboaration with UCD (Univercity College of Dublin) UK.

I am thinking whether i should start looking for a job in a relevant company with the qualifications i have acquired so far or whether i should continue studying.My favo. field in IT is networking,but i also love and have much more interest in business aspects of the whole thing like marketing and etc.

My question is,what combination of certifications would make my career more privileged? there are many i know what IT people combine with their diplomas like PMP,CIm etc.But things that takes too much time and money like CIMA is out of my reach. icon_sad.gif

please help me,thanks for reading and answering.


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    Welcome to the forums, stick around here and you'll learn a ton!

    It may sound strange but most of us started out doing some kind of helpdesk/call-center type roles. My first IT role was with an ISP fixing people's broadband. Your best bet is to look for such a role and work away on entry-level certifications. You seem keen on learning networking, pick up Wendell Odom's CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry-level Networking Technician) book and see if you like it. Go through it slowly and try to understand how it all works.

    Dont worry about the PMP just yet, you need a lot of experience to put it to any use in the real-world. I know you want to make it big right away, but go slow and steady.

    IT is all about knowledge and experience. Get a job and work on the entry-level certs.

    Good luck and post up if you have more questions!
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