Anyone feel like critiquing a resume?

sandman748sandman748 Posts: 104Member
Hey guys,

Just finished cleaning up and updating resume. I'm aiming for something related to voice technologies. I was stupid enough to turn down a consulting position earlier this year and I'm hating myself for it. Not much around here for voip stuff so I need my resume to be top notch

Any and all comments and criticisms are appreciated.
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  • EssendonEssendon Posts: 4,548Member ■■■■■■■■■■
    I'd say the resume is quite well laid out. I remember seeing this format quite often while browsing for sample resumes. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Move the certs up. They are one of the first things that HR should notice.
    2. Expand on your second role, your resume is only one page, you should fill up the page. A resume should be viewed as a piece of premium real estate, make efficient use of it. You have some good experience, expand on your roles a little.
    3. I dunno why you have Infrastructure Support Specialist just below your name section. Is this what you say you want to be, or what you are? You should drop this and have something like Skilled Infrastructure professional/specialist blah blah.

    Apart from this, I think I like the format and I'd call you for a phone interview.
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  • sandman748sandman748 Posts: 104Member
    How far up would you recommend I move the certs? I feel that the job experience should be listed first, I guess it makes sense for certs prior to education. Anyone feel that certs should be listed before work experience?

    Thanks for you input Essendon.
    Working on CCIE Collaboration:
    Written Exam Completed June 2015 ~ 100 hrs of study
    Lab Exam Scheduled for Dec 2015
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    may i ask what font do you use in it?

    very nice format..
  • reppgoareppgoa Posts: 151Member
    you need to use more metrics. What I mean is, you need to show how much you increased something by X number, or migrated X amount of servers, or saved X amount of dollars. Always start out your success bites with a powerful verb, and really only use 3-4 MAJOR success bites.

    I would move your certs somewhere more visible, its common for people to only read the first 1/3 of your resume.
  • demonfurbiedemonfurbie Posts: 1,819Member
    looks nice personally id swap the education and certs places putting certs on top of education as well as point the certs
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