CISM job practice change in 2012

outsider73outsider73 Member Posts: 15 ■■■□□□□□□□
According to http://www.isaca.org/Certification/CISM-Certified-Information-Security-Manager/Register-for-the-Exam/Documents/Dec-2011-CISM-BOI.pdf

"Notice: The current CISM job practice is in the process of being updated to capture the changes that have occurred within the ever evolving field of
information security management. Please be aware that the December 2011 CISM exam administration will be the last time that the current CISM job practice will be tested as the revised job practice will be tested beginning in June 2012."

Anybody knows whether it'll be very different from the current exam?

Fact is I don't know if I want to pass it this December or next year and since I've bought the study books, it would be a shame that I cannot use them for next year's exam.


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