Do you need to know SQL Database server's in order to become a System Admin?

ArmymanisArmymanis Member Posts: 304
Wanting to become a system admin. Do I need to know SQL servers in order to do so?


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    No but you will eventually have to learn how they work, how to install, back-up and restore them at the very least.
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    It wouldn't hurt to have some basic familiarity with SQL queries as well so that you can script some operations.
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  • ArmymanisArmymanis Member Posts: 304
    I am just trying to figure out what I want to be. So many options in IT. My top choice is a systems administrator, but now I am looking at either becoming a Network Admin or maybe even a programmer.
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    It's a nice to have for a server admin, but depending on what kind of company you will be working for it could be further down the list. Once you get to about 20 or more people in the IT department, there will be a dedicated SQL Server administrator (or team, for larger companies). However, knowing SQL can be THE differentiator for a company who needs a sysadmin that does not have a dedicated DBA.
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    It honestly depends on your position. My company has SQL Database Admin but my job also requires me to not only be fluent in Transact-SQL but also understand the inner-workings of relational databases for tasks specifically associated with my job.

    SQL is not needed, but it never hurts to have a general understanding of software and hardware that you will come into contact with if you work in the IT field, especially if you are going to end up in network operations.
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