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Hi everyone
I really like this site. I have used it quite a bit. I passed hardware easy, got a great score, but had a very difficult time today for os. I got a 607, which was a pass, but I feel bad about it. I have gone back to school as an woman in my 30s and I felt I was doing great. I have got a good grasp of the material and thought I knew software cold. I figured I would do well. I studied with both my class text and online sites like this one. I got some oddball questions, and my lack of experience probably hurt me, although my teacher told me to be happy with the pass. A lot of my questions dealt with navigating issues. I am only the 3rd student in the class to get both out of 20. Anyway, I had been planning for the MSCE track but now am a little discouraged. Well, I wanted to share my experience with people who might understand.


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    a pass is a pass
    great job
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    don't get discouraged. adaptive tests are funny. i felt i did better in my operating systems exam and got a much lower score than i did in my core exam. it's just the way adaptive exams work - each answer is worth a certain number of points and the exams appear to finish when you have answered a certain number of questions or go beyond the pass score (which ever comes first).

    get yourself a couple of computers networked together, microsoft self-paced books and work your way through it. i try not to think of certification as a race, i work at it as-and-when and don't book an exam until i am sure i can pass.

    best of luck.
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