Registered for my Accounting Courses

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Managerial Accounting
Financial Accounting
Elementary Statistics

I've gone through Stats before so that should be just a refresher, but accounting should be interesting. I use accounting and finance every day, but to actually learn the mechanics will be extremely helpful in my day to day activities. What's funny is after meeting with the academic advisor yesterday, I am only 5 courses plus a capstone away from getting my Associate degree in Business Adminstration. I decided to go ahead and get that and reevaluate once I complete that.

I decided to load up this semester and possibly load up next semester and complete the associate degree. So I am essentially taking a year off of technicial certifications and focusing on finance, accounting, and other business disciplines.

Of course I may dabble in some more ITIL or COBIT processes. The company I work for is really big into COBIT so we will see.
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