701 Pass

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I passed the 701 yesterday and wanted to give some input to you all. I have a decent amount of tech experience, and the material I used to study was the book WGU gives you Mike Meyers blah blah. I only used the labsim to pass for my mentor.

I would say that test was fairly straight forward, and the only things that tripped me up were the Mircrosoft specific questions. Know the upgrading procedures for the different Windows OS's and the differences between 32bit and 64bit OS's. Every thing else was just pretty basic knowledge if you've been doing IT for awhile, and if not the book covers plenty.

I plan on taking the Labsims for my mentor, and then scheduling the 702 prob in two-ish weeks depending on my work schedule. After the 702, I'm going to focus on WGU's different management/leadership classes and do the project+.


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