Am I screwed?

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We have an NT4 box w/SP6a at work that crashed last week...after rebuilding it up, I ran some windows updates last nite and rebooted but I would keep getting a BSOD. I know there's probably a hardware issue with the server which was purchased around 1999, but I am not onsite and can't go out to fix it until next week at the earliest. The server is a Compaq Proliant PIII500/768RAM/3x9GB 10K SCSI on a RAID 5.

What I ended up doing today was walking my co-worker through doing a Repair using the CD and the ERD's I made last week. The thing is the ERD's did not have the updated SAM info so it completely wiped out all my users!! I thought this would happen but didn't have any options really but to go this route...

Anyway, now the server is online but it is unbelieveably slow. I mean clicking on a program takes like 30 seconds for it to even get to the next screen. I can ping the server but can't connect remotely via VNC to even do anything.

I am getting a new server next week but need to be able to recover some of the data on the drives. We have a dat40e tapedrive but it doesn't work properly either so I can't do a simple restore from the tapes.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them or can they suggest anything for me to try to essentially make the server run like it did before? Would overwriting some files during the repair be responsible for this?

Thanks in advance!


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