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Just joining this forum. Please, i'm in a country with no access to any credit card to purchase any practice exam. Please what advice could you give. I read of transcender. What is it ? can anyone throw more light into it. Thanks. icon_sad.gif


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    Welcome to the forum!

    Transcender is a company that produces practice exams for many different IT certification exams. I have found the exams to be very useful. After a practice exam, you look at the answers and to find out what you got correct/incorrect so that you will know what to review. The program also tells you why the answer is correct and all of the other answers are incorrect. I haven't taken a Transcender for a while, but I think that they also give you references to resources that you can use to review the questions that you missed.

    You can download a free demo of Transcender exams here,

    Here is the page about the 70-215 products,

    Here is ordering info--phone or mail,

    Seems that Transcender doesn't make finding these things very easy. They, of course, want to sell the big expensive packages by credit card. But, the options are there if you keep digging.

    Best of luck!
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