Got 2511 off ebay, wouldn't boot

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Man I got a 2511 off ebay recently to use as my term server. It was pretty cheap, but he said it worked.. Well just now I powered it up and the only output it gave was something like: "Bad memory. wrote 0 received 000000200 in ..." something along those lines... and it stopped there. Also, the "ok" light on back was blinking instead of being solid. I was not too happy cause this guy probably wanted to just **** this thing off on me.

So I figured I'd try re-seating the memory. I opened it up and re-seated the dram and bam! Booted up just fine! I was so excited I had to post here lol.

So if anyone has any memory problems with something they get off ebay, definitely try re-seating the memory first, before ordering more or sending the device back. I know a lot of people already know this, but hey, it might help someone out there, who knows
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    Hi MrBrian

    I have seen this issue before, dam those memory clips. I had a old 2500 series that did that too.
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    Lol yes, dam those dram's!! As I'm currently building my home lab, I'm new to troubleshooting the actual hardware, as simulators run smooth. I guess it's possible the dram chip moved around in transit, but I highly doubt it as it was all snug in the box.
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    @OP, your issue could have been caused by the shipping company throwing the package around. Just my two cents.
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    I was thinking the same thing. Try re-seating the memory or worst case you can order a replacement set for dirt cheap.
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