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Ok, so I had my unofficial eval and it looks like I will have to do 8 proctored, objective exams and do 8 productivity assessments. I also will have to do 2-3 cert exams at a Prometric test center. My question is how are the proctored objective exams done? I'm assuming they are a multiple choice exam, but do I have to find a proctor and test center for these? What are the productivity assessments? What do they involve? The Prometric test center I am familiar with, it is the other types of assessments to clear the courses that I'm not familiar with. My enrollment counselor wasn't too helpful in explaining them, he just kept repeating the type of assessment that was required to pass the course and move to the next course. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    All of this is covered in the EWB course of study orientation, but in a nutshell you can go to a WGU approved test location (Prometric or non, from what I can tell this is mostly community college locations) or do it via an OLP (Online Proctored) exam which requires you to use a webcam for them to watch you take the exam via the internet.
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