Shout out to the UK peeps

strauchrstrauchr Senior MemberMember Posts: 528
I am moving to London very shortly (arriving 28/4/05) and will be looking for IT work. Preferably project work that is windows based otherwise 3rd level network support type roles.

I was just wondering if any Londoners here could point me in the right direction of a good recruitment firm or job search site. Also if you know how good or bad the market is. Or just any advice or info for IT job seeking in London would be great.


  • wildfirewildfire Senior Member Member Posts: 654
    Where are you moving from? Im just outside london cant afford to live in London!
    Get your self over to and register your CV on their. Jobs are a plenty in London, a lot of contract work if your intrested in that kind of thing, but that offeres little security! I dont know what experience you have but with your cets you wont have much trouble finding a job, provided you have about 4-5 years experience or more you should be looking at about £40K, or if you are willing to take on contract work, you can get about £200-250 a day but its always risky findin work

    heres one to start you off hunting good luck
    Looking for CCIE lab study partnerts, in the UK or Online.
  • strauchrstrauchr Senior Member Member Posts: 528
    Thanks Wildfire. I took a look at that website earlier, seems to have alot of jobs.

    I am moving from Perth which is on the West Coast of Australia, closer to the UK than Sydney. I have 7 years experience and a solid background in server admin, projects, migrations, designing etc.

    I am only looking for contract work as I only have a 2 year visa.

    Thanks for the tips and the advice
  • garv221garv221 Senior Member Member Posts: 1,914
    best of luck to you.
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