Lab setup, vmware player in win 7

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Hi everyone!

I got some problem with my setup of W2K8 server in vmware. Installed 2 versions, the enterprise we'll call it DC1 same as in the course, and SVR1 which is a standard r2. A 180 days evaluation can be downloaded from microsoft for those who's interested.

Back to my question. Having both set up in vmware, my SVR1 is able to ping DC1 but not the other way round. VMware player network setup is using NAT for both, ip addresses are private ip. 10.x.x.x, any advise on where did i go wrong would be greatly appreciated!! The roles are DNS and AD DS for DC1 and just DNS for SVR1.

Setup on DC1
ip =
subnet =
Gateway =

Setup on SVR1
ip =
subnet =
gateway =
dns =

Thanks for reading! :)


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