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First post - test next week 4/22/05. Question concerns steps to take when a NIC on a workstation has no active LED's. After moving the NIC to HUB cable to another port on the HUB the NIC LED's start showing activity. The question is what do you do next - 1) replace the HUB or 2) try to transfer a file from the workstation to the server? I've seen this question on two practice tests where #1 is correct on one and #2 is correct on the other. I believe #2 is correct, other opinions? I posted this on another board as well but no response yet. Thanks!


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    The problem is the hub. If the NIC link are not showing any activity and you change the cable to other port in the hub and the NIC link show activity. You have a fail port in the hub. What you have to do change the hub before it go down
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    If it were me, I would go with number 2 as a confirmation that the NIC is connected and can communicate. Then I would change out the hub because one port is apparently bad. Of course if you can live without the port (say you have a 20 port hub and only 10 are needed) then changing out the hub wouldn't be required. I am not 100% certain but I don't think that bad ports are contagious or indicative of a complete breakdown of the hub. There are a couple of dead ports on a switch at work that have been that way for years. It could also be the wiring.
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    Yes you are correct. After verify I am agree. We have to remember that for the Net + WE HAVE TO CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER.
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