Passed 70-215 Today!

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Passed 70-215 today with a score of 835!

All I can say is thank god that's over with. It was like twice as hard as 70-210!!

Anyway, onto 70-218 now... :D


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    Congrats, mark_piza!
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    Mark_Piza, I wish to also join in congratulating. However i will appreciate your shelding more light on how the exam went... i mean some sort of tips. I have schedule to take the 70-215 6 wks from now.
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    Thanks everyone for the replies! :D

    Hi princess4peace,

    My number one and most important tip is to do as many practice questions as you can. I found that after studying for a couple of weeks with books, study guides, my pc lab, technotes, etc. I still didn't feel prepared enough for the exam. Also, I had seen a lot of people post here that it's a very hard exam, and that it's even harder than 70-218.

    After doing a lot of practice questions, I found this to be true! So I studied for an extra week than I originally planned to, so I was sure I was ready.

    So make sure you practice as much as you can on practice questions and with your pc lab before you take the exam!

    I used the following: Sybex book, Techexams' technotes and practice questions, Transcenders, Crammaster practice exams and my pc lab.

    Hope this helps you out. Good luck! icon_wink.gif

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    It sounds like you know your stuff and was well prepared. Nice score too. So one more to go and you are MCSA "cool". I have some experience in win2k server installation and administration and would like to know how long it takes prepare for this cert based on this info.
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    Excellent job! I also thought that 70-215 was way harder than 70-210. I guess I'll be seeing you in the 70-218 threads. Good luck!!
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    Thanks everyone once again! :)

    NPA24, thanks and good luck to you too! icon_wink.gif

    See you on the 70-218 threads...
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