Help explaing gsec course?

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I have been think of going to a SANS class, which my employer might be paying a portion of. I am planning on pushing for SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style, or Foundations of Auditing Information Systems if the first one isn't approved. The thing is they want something that will benefit the company and that is a tool that they can use. What im basicly asking is how do i sell the idea that me attending one of this courses will be a beneficially to the company and not just good for my career?

Also Planning on taking security+ test soon, would taking SANS Security Essentials be overkill?


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    The SANS Security Essential class, and GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC) certification, is for IT professionals who work with security issues and are capable of demonstrating practical knowledge in an exam. The GSEC is considered to be the foundation certification for all SANS training tracks. The GSEC is far more technical and challenging than the Security+ cert.

    In comparison, the SANS Security Fundamentals class, and GIAC Information Security Fundamentals (GISF) certification, is for non-technical people in an organization that need an understanding about Information Security requirements, policies, and procedures. You will likely find lawyers, law enforcement, and sales and business people in this class.
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    SANS SEC 401 (Security Essentials) covers much of the same material as Security+ but more in-depth and also adds a dedicated section for Windows and Unix security. Even if you're Security+ certified, you might find the GSEC very good for reinforcement and some additional coverage. It's quite a bit of material.

    If you have over a decade's worth of general IT experience, then it might not be so worth it and I'd recommend one of the 500-level courses instead.

    As for how to sell the idea, it really depends on what your existing role, interests, and experience level is.
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