Study materials for CCDA/DP?

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I just finished up my CCNP and would like CCDP to be my next professional level cert. I'll have to do CCDA first, of course, and would like any input on study materials. I bought the Cisco Press "rough cuts" edition for the CCDP exam in pdf form but would be very interested if there is anything else that anyone would recommend. I tend to prefer Cisco Press books for references but as for actually reading and studying from them...well, it's really dry reading even as technical books go and I find it hard to stay really focused on these tomes.

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    The material might seem dry at first but there is nothing more satisfying to know how to use the technical skills you acquired in your CCNP. The CCDP Arch is heavy with design concepts from a data center stand point. It will also go into greater detail for the campus design from what they teach in the CCDA exam. CCDP Arch is my favorite exam out of all Cisco courses. I just cannot express the happiness i felt just learning how things are designed and how to implement the various technologies together. It also opens your eyes to many other technologies including, VOIP, Security, WIFI, & SANS. Those sections might be a little hard to understand at first if you havent worked with the technology and may require a couple more reads to get it. However if you understand the basics of those technologies you should be ok with a couple reads. In all honesty the CCDP got me excited for my security route.

    I keep my CCDP Arch book with me at work, i love to skim through it from time to time. The CCDA might be a little boring as all the meat and juicy stuff is really in the CCDP ARCH exam. I also bought the CCDP Arch INE videos from those helped a lot and i love going back to view those videos as well!
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