Is CWNA recognized?

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I've only just now found out about the CWNA certification and until now I have never heard of CWNP. Are they a exam body similar to cisco and comptia?

i've passed my network and security+ and am studying a ccent now but this CWNA has also peaked my interest as i do like to learn about wireless stuff. Is this a world recognized qualification and is it ok for someone who has a network+ to do? or does it require more experience
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    It is VERY recognized worldwide. If you are just starting in wireless, I would recommend their CWTS cert first before the CWNA. At least read the book.
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    I agree with Bokeh there, if you worked with wireless much I would start with the CWTS. If you have worked heavily with WLAN technologies I would then start with the CWTS.

    A small write-up of my CWTS exam experience.
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    They are popular in certain circles and the government has some of their certs as DOD8570. I would say that as far as wireless is concerned, they are probably the most popular certs from what I have seen (followed by Cisco Advanced Wireless certs).
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    If you are interested in a career or job in wireless then they definitely are. Major wireless companies recognize these certs highly.
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