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Sorry, I know this is a tired subject but I'm just speculating, researching, and trying to think ahead. I've discovered I will have a bit of extra money in the process of finishing up my B.S. (G.I. bill, grants, and student loans if I need more money to build lab/buy training material after graduating).

After graduating, I will be starting on the NP track. At that point I'd like to put some money into training (equipment and training materials). I'd like to build to the v4.0 specs....if they remain the standard one years time from now...

Lab Equipment and IOS Version - CCIE ROUTING AND SWITCHING TRACK - Cisco Systems

Do you think v5 will be out by then?
If I've saved up $5,000 USD by then, would it be feasible to build the full lab out with no virtualized routers?
Do you speculate Cisco IOU will be more widely used by then (as an alternative to dynamips)?
I've seen you guys complaining about bugs in they really interfere with your studying that much?
How much would you estimate it to cost to build the entire v4 topology from scratch (no extraneous equipment, I already have the a rack, PDUs, etc)?
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