Advise on CISA certification for fresh Graduate.

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Hi. I would like some advise on CISA Certification, I am a fresh graduate completed engineering last year and trying very hard to find a job. IS CISA certification worth doing without experience? The practical requirement for certification is five years work experience. If I do a CISA certification is there any opportunity for a entry level job like IT internal audit . Please give me some advice and appreciate for your time.



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    It's true you can take the CISA exam (or CISM or CISSP) without the requisite professional experience, but you can't claim you are fully CISA certified until you meet all of the prerequisites. Of what interest or value only passing the exam would be to prospective employers I do not know. I don't think I've seen a job description that listed "Passed CISA exam nice to have." In any case, studying for the CISA would help you learn about InfoSec auditing. Have a look at the GIAC ISO 27000 auditing cert too.
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    Thanks for replying back.

    Which would be the best entry level certification to start the career in IT Security and work towards or gain experience in the field of IT auditing in future?

    (Best certification to kick start the IT security career with work experience and work towards CISA or CISM in future)

    There are lots of experienced and qualified persons in this forum, and I would appreciate your advice. Thanks
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    We usually suggest the CompTIA Security+ to start. We have a separate discussion forum for Security+.
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