Recommend me a book for security+

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I shell be taking my network+ certification exam next week (April 21st), I'm pretty confident. I decided I wanted to move into/specialize in network security. So I'm going to go for Security+ before my next school year starts in September.

I'm looking for a book, a straight forward book. Not a comprehensive book that uses anologys for every freaken thing and take up 1200 pages. (Sorry, experienced comprehensive book for network+ which was selected by my school)

Also, this is somewhat derailing but, how much does a Cisco Security Certificaiton help in the field? Is it much value? Or would CCNP be better?
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    Check out the books listed on the following page, these are the ones I found most recommended by the posters in this forum:
    Also, this is somewhat derailing but, how much does a Cisco Security Certificaiton help in the field?
    Is it much value?
    Or would CCNP be better
    It's usually better to start with CCNA, then CCNP, and then specialize, in security for example. Cisco does offer several security specialization cert that don't require CCNP, ie. Cisco IDS or VPN Specialist.

    The security field is large, there are a lot of different things you can do. Most of these jobs are usually done by people who already have years experience in developing, networking, and/or system administration. In other words, they learned 'what' they are securing before 'how'. You mentioned you want to go into 'network' security, so in that case Cisco will not just be of much value, they'll be pretty much mandatory. icon_wink.gif
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    Thanks! I will definitally use the link you provided when purchasing my book so techexams.net do get some commission hopefully.

    As for cisco certifications, how does this work.
    CCNP needs CCNA. Those certs last 3 years? So that means CCNA and CCNP has to be "retaken" every three years or just CCNP?
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    You're welcome, and thank you :)

    Every CCNP exam you take will renew your CCNA. Once you are a CCNP you will have to recertify by taking the 'Composite exam', which is a combination of the first two CCNP exams (routing and switching). When you pass that, your CCNP, hence also your CCNA will be renewed. I think that's pretty fair, if you work as a CCNP for a couple of years and really put that CCNP cert to use you won't have any problems paying for the exam, nor passing it.
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    You can also now renew all P level Certs with any CCIE written exam, its worth doing if you have CCNP and SP providing you could pass the written of course!
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