Multiple SY0-201 Sec + study sources

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Hi Everybody,

I've seen alot in this forum that Darril Gibson's Book is the only one needed to pass the SY0-201 Security+ exam.
I have using Darril's book but I have also been using the Sybex Study Guide / practice tests and the Transcender Practice tests.

Seems there are quite a few things that show up in the Sybex and Transcender material and practice tests that I don't even see in Darril Gibson's book.

It's actually starting to confuse me as what I "really" need to know to pass this test. I don't want to memorize a bunch of stuff that I don't need as that really slows down my progress and I almost go in brain lock. (overload)

Should I back away from the Sybex and Transcender stuff and concentrate on the Get Certified Get Ahead Study Guide?

Thanks for any input / advice


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    You can pass Sy-201 with flying colors using only Gibson's book. Don't confuse yourself by using both.
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    OK... thank you very much.

    I'll concentrate on Mr. Gibsons book and push aside the other study aids.

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    I second zaxby's post. The only other outside material that one might need would be some networking information, but if you have a relatively firm grasp of networking concepts, then the review chapter and information DG has in his chapters will be enough for the 201. G
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    Thanks for that... I have the A+ & Network+ Certs... hopefully that will be enough background.

    My concern has always been getting side tracked with a lot of information I don't need. The Trancender tests seems good (I also used their practice tests for A+ & Network+) but I always see some what seems to be "off the wall" questions in their tests. I don't know if they are outdated questions or what. I'm kind'a new to this Cert stuff
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    I had Darril's book, Transcender, and Trainsignal. I mostly neglected the second two. That book (and the self test questions in it) was more than enough.
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    One needs to use one course book and read it thoroughly cover to cover.

    Other sources like practice tests, cram notes, etc. complement (fill the gaps in preparation) the efforts and give confidence required to take the actual test.

    For self preparation, it is always recommended to prepare from multiple sources. One the other hand, if one is taking a class room training, of course, the trainer will guide as to how to prepare for the exam.
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