7604 Booting into ROMMON

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I have a 7604 with an IOS and bootdisk image. Everytime it boots it goes straight into ROMMON mode and I have to force it to read either the disk0: image or the bootdisk. I applied the boot system command in nvram, however, when it boots it still goes straight to ROMMON. The images are valid and all I have to do is type boot disk0:image.bin in ROMMON and it comes right up.

Any suggestions


  • flipmadflipmad Member Posts: 184
    By the way it is a RSP720. But I think I figured it out. I will be consoled into the router shortly, but I will have to check the set and sync command in ROMMON. I will play with it a bit and advise my results.

    Now If I can just figure out why this SIP-600 is not recognizing the SPA-10XGE I will be in good shape.
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    Hmm...in ROMMON mode I check the following

    AT this point it shows to boot the bootflash image

    I executed the following

    I check my set command again and it shows my new command entered. I execute a reset and it boots right back into ROMMON.

    When I do the following

    It boots just fine into the bootflash image

    ROMMON>boot system disk0:filename.bin
    It boots just fine into the CF image

    But If I do not force it to boot, it goes straight to ROMMON until I force it with the above commands.
  • flipmadflipmad Member Posts: 184
    I figured it out. The config-register in ROMMON was set incorrectly.

    Now I will keep working on this SIP issue I am having. I will stop blowing up this forum.
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