Dont wanna miss this job opportunity

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hey folks

I read about a Job 3-4 days :Trainee PC/LAN Analyst - 1 Year Contract. I basically have no real life experience but the job description says

•Proficiency with current desktop environment used by staff (WinXP). •PHP programming and Linux experience a plus. •Basic networking principles. •Basic hands-on experience with PC hardware configuration and install. •Possess good verbal and written skills for dealing with internal customers. •Able to provide professionally written reports and documentation.

Well i am fine with XP and i have passed Intro and appeared for ICND once, so i have networking knowledge. Its a very nice offer for starting level. But i really-really-really- dont want to miss this job because i of i could not send a good resume/coverletter to HR.....

I spoke to a few people and they said that writing a resume/coverletter is not a piece of cake! it really requires time and skill not just changing a template copied from internet!

Closing date for this job application is 27 April, so is there any one who can help me to write a resume and cover letter so that atleast i get a chance for an interview....

thanks in advance


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