Some Motivation

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I'd like to take and pass the Network+ exam next; I just finished the Sybex book from Todd Lamelle (and the security+ book by Darrell Gibson). I enjoyed reading it and I'm already applying stuff, now I just need to get motivated for the studying part of this. Throw some motivation at me...I want to start reading about windows servers next but I should really get this info down hard first and take the test. sleeping.gif


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    One thing that can definitely drive you once the time approaches is to schedule your test in advance, but do not reschedule until it's extremely necessary, but do it 48-hours in advance though. That should motivate you to study. By the way, if you are unemployed, you should consider that as a factor too since certification may make you more marketable when applying for new jobs.
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    Actually scheduling the test is probably a good idea. I'm currently employed as an IT Systems Admin for a small company. I've got a ton to learn; so it's hard for me to stay on one subject and master it because I'm wanting to move onto the next already. I have a ton of hands on experience so far and I'm trying to fill in the gaps and really understand what is going on by chasing certifications.
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