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I am studying for Net+, and it makes reference to needing Unix/Linux knowledge. I took a class last year which covered quickly, and have Linux 7.2 loaded on a computer, trying to get Samba, ftp, NFS to work. There are notes saying to "un-comment" lines in the smb.conf file then to run 'testparm' and to 'restart samba', and doing that has at least gotten the Win machine to see the Linux, but still have no access rights to view/modify files. The Linux CPU does not seem to know the Win CPU exists.

Can anyone tell me (or send an example text file) what I need to modify so these can talk?

While the Net+ test may not care too much, the real world will.

Also, the Net+ test section 3.1 and 4.4 say there are things to know, but the books they say to read barely acknowledge that Unix exists - 1-2 paragraphs of 'it's there but we won't cover it'. Any suggestions? THANKS.
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