Need advise for applying CISSP exam related to work experience.

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I am currently working as Sr. identity manager security analyst at Client side .total complete work experience is 7+ years.
All these years working as consultant to client side for implement and support identity management solution for client fulltime ( 8 hours per day ).

Now planning to get cissp certification done. my question do i eligible for this exam.I had check with my Client fulltime technical project manager who is ready to do endoresment for me.

but first I want to know if I am application for this certification. please advise.

as I am getting confuse for this statement ((ISC)2 wants proof of five years of full-time InfoSec work experience ).

when I will be sending my resume to ISC2 , I will be mention all the project I had work in past 7 years on based on the project scope and technologies.
will that be good enough to prove my experience for the cissp domain .

Thank you in advance.


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