So I took both A+ Certfications today...

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Hello everyone! I am a new member to the forums even I have been lurking a lot for the past couple of months. So I had taken both of the A+ exams. As for the Essentials 220-701, I had passed with a 731/900. The Practical Application 220-702 I ended up failing with a 664/900.

The exams ended up having a majority of questions that were not covered in the chapter reviews, quizzes, or in the SYBEX Test Engine included with the CDs. BTW I had used CompTia A+ Complete Study Guide. I had went over it and over before I had decided to take the exams. So I am a little bummed out.

So I purchased a voucher for the A+ from getcertify4less and was wondering how the study guides PDF were? Are they a good study guide for the exam? I had taken a few practice exams but a majority of what I had seen was not covered.

On a side note, how is the IT job situation in Chicago? I am working on my Master's in Information System Management (MISM) and have been trying to get an IT job, internship, etc. for over a year now. I had a few interviews a couple of months ago, but it seems like someone more qualified gets chosen instead of me. Especially as I have no IT experience but had been troubleshooting PCs, laptops, etc for at least 7+ years for family and friends.

I am trying to go for a desktop support position but will settle for the help desk for now. My plan is to get the A+, Network+, and Security+ if possible this year. I may also decide to look into CISCO after that. Sorry if I am starting to ramble on, I'm just a little frustrated...


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    No experience hurts a lot. Certs will help, but they won't make up for lack of experience in a manager's eyes.
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    zaxbysauce wrote: »
    No experience hurts a lot. Certs will help, but they won't make up for lack of experience in a manager's eyes.


    Especially as I have no IT experience but had been troubleshooting PCs, laptops, etc for at least 7+ years for family and friends.

    Sounds like you are contradicting yourself. You may want to rethink how you phrase the above comment you made to keep it positive for yourself.

    And, I have always found folks who do the best on the A+ and NET+ exams (actually any IT exam) have 'some' experience. You need to define what 'some' experience means.

    Did you follow the objectives that CompTIA publishes? I have found these the most critical for ones prep (on comptia exams) and use the objectives to check your understanding. Use Meyers and/or Sybex texts to explain or go deeper into respective topics.

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    I still believe in having connections in the business world to get an edge on getting started or even progress to higher positions. It's the old saying, "it's not what you know but who you know." See if you can network somehow and get to know some people already in the workforce, preferably managers. If you have a good personality and can show a desire to learn, they might give you a chance.

    As far as the exams are concerned, I'm finding it easier to understand some of the concepts after actually applying them in the work field. I would take your time and really let the material sink in before taking the test again. Sometimes I get the feeling there's a competition on who can get the most certs in the shortest amount of time. Everyone's different but I studied for 7 months before I took the 701 and I'm taking the 702 two months later. But I feel pretty good about it. Good luck. :)
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    You're right, I could rephrase that better, maybe illustrate some of the "field" work I have done throughout the years. Anyway I am taking the 220-702 retest tomorrow. I looked over the objectives and have been studying up on them. It still bums me out I failed by just a few questions though. I'm positive I will pass this time for sure!!!
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    You'll get it this time no question about it!
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    I just passed both A+ Essentials 810/900 and A+ Practical Application 779/900. My only source was Labsim and Professor Messer videos for both. I highly recommend watching all of the Professor Messer videos because it gave me a better understanding...Good luck with your test!!!
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    I've retaken the test and happy to say I passed. there was still some material I was unsure about as the questions seemed to changed a bit. Either way I scored almost 100 points higher so I'm proud of myself. now I can start studying for the network+ after I finish my group project this week.
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    Hey. I'm glad you passed. I'm happy for you. This encourages me. I am in the IT field and am readying myself to take the tests in 2 weeks.
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    It took me 8 months to land a IT job after I graduated with my BAS. This was in 2008 when the economy was dipping.

    I consider myself lucky as I am in the Chicagoland area.

    Patience and applying to many career building sites is my tip to you.

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    Congrats on the pass, and good luck on the next test!
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    Congrats on the pass. I'm taking the 702 this Friday and already have the jitters. Heavy last minute cramming this week and then off to the races!
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    Good luck to you too djfunz!
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    Experience is a very important factor so I would make sure that you highlight your 7 years of experience helping friends and family. That does count as experience. It's how you word it and how confident you are of your skills. Certifications are important but the certs alone will not help you find employment.

    I am also in the chicago land area. I work for a school that specializes in real world hands on training. When you graudate you have 6 months of real world experience.

    If you're interested I can get you more information on it just send me a PM.
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