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I am going for an interview, the job demands the knowledge of Back up, space allocation, RAID.
so what kind of questions can i expect?
also which RAID version is most common in companies?
Thanks in advance
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    If I were interviewing you on these topics, I would expect you to know what Raid 0, 1, & 5 is. RAID is a pretty easy topic - if you know this technology you know which RAID level is appropriate for what.

    You should know be familiar with the common forms of backup media. I recommend doing research into the following:
    1. Storage area network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    2. tape backups
    3. Network File System (protocol) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also you should be familiar with several different software solutions, such as:
    • Windows folder redirection
    • Bacula
    • Windows Backup and Restore
    • Amanda backup
    • Acronis
    • BackupPC
    • rsync, zip, tar, dd
    Pick a few from this list (depends on the companies platform & infrastructure), or pick some solutions you expect to be brought up in the interview. Be prepared to discuss your experience working with storage technology. Good luck icon_wink.gif
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    In regards to backups, the basics are the same across the board. Depending on the type/size of the company you can expect questions on anything from "what is the difference between an incremental and a differential backup" to very product specific questions. If you can find some info about their infrastructure you can narrow down the areas to focus on.
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    Just throwing this out... I think these are fundamental topics for server adminstration. You will find this knowledge will help you in nearly every aspect of your career. I know that having very strong understanding of these fundamental topics made my SQL Server DBA exams much easier adn I imagine that people specializing in Exchange Server will think the same. Point being, have a very good understanding of these topics to make you better as an IT pro and not just for this interview.
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    Really appreciate the valuable comments. They asked little about basic networking like topology, OSI, ring, switch, router very basic questions and as suggested by all they asked about RAID 0,1,5 , incremental, differential.
    I am excited and nervous about the job. This was my first IT interview and i got selected it gives me great joy. Though i am selected as trainee as i am a newbie but cant wait to work as IT employee. My real learning starts now. As always a big thanks to all TE membersicon_cheers.gif
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