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hello.. i am studing for mcsa 2000..have a win pro and win 2000 server machines..i setup domain/active directory on server and also the same domain on the windows pro but i am unable to access resorces on the server . any tips ? am i logging locally ? (i also setup user/password) on active directory user accounts and also tried as adminstrator.The computers are connected through router.



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    So are you able to login to the domain with the client pc?
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    First you have to join the client to the domain before accessing domain resources, are you absolutely sure you did this? For starters, if you're not using dhcp, your dns server ip should be the ip address you have entered as your primary dns server on your client machines.

    If "made the client a member of the same domain" without contacting the domain controller, you probably just created a workgroup named the same thing as your domain. I know this sounds elementary, but just check it, it could happen icon_wink.gif
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    thanks for the info. I am not too sure if i logged locally or to the domain (doesnot show anyworkgroups).. i run the network id wizzard and to configure the client machine and enterd the domain called "reskit" and user name called "sam" and blank password..and rebooted and logged in and i see two folders called directory and microsoft windows network frm the entire network option on client machine and when i access those takes me to the domain "reskit" and error shows "inacessible".
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    You say that you are running through routers, if you've verified that there are no issues there, first check the dns entries for the client (as i stated in the first post), then verify that you are logging on to the domain.
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