Anyone taken 70-579?

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I'm just looking for anyone who may have taken this exam and what practice tests they used.

I used a couple of the more prominent MS practice tests and failed pretty badly. I'm almost in disbelief because i've used these exams before and always aced the actual test.

Or maybe someone can point me to a better place to start this discussion.



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    You won't get much 'love' here when you use the actual test software as this is considered a brain ****, which is why you *aced* the exam (which isn't hard when knowing the actual answers of the exams). This exam is like many other ones, you will have to work with the technology in order to pass it rather than just relying on exam 'prep' tools ;)
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    Sorry, i should've provided more details. I have been working with the technology for some time. I'm an Exchange/Lync admin, and i've only ever used Windows Mobile smartphones since the 5.0 days. I also support the devices at my company.

    That said, i wasn't referring to a "brain ****" practice test, although i am aware of those and have known colleagues who use them. I prefer more academic type tests like Transcender which don't give you any hints about specific questions, but do measure your overall understanding of the product/technology.

    Hope that helps.
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