Master boot record and possible bios virus **Need advice****

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I have an unknown master boot record virus, that has possibly infected the bios.
System does boot, with no errors in setup

Any help here on changes to this please reply,


1. power cord disconnect
2. renove controler cable to Hard drive
3. remove battery from motherboard approx 6 hours. then replace
4. boot clean startup disk.
6. connect hd controller cable
7. use hard disk utl to zero drive.
8. power off
9 startup disk
10 check settings in bios and change if needed.
11 boot from clean startup disk
15 use fdisk to partation, format HD
16 install windows
17. pray you did it right.

any thing I missed please give your thoights


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    Have you tried to use a boot disk and done the command:

    fdisk /mbr ?
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    Good call TeKniques :)

    recon4data - I am not sure that the BIOS have been hit, but you can do it this way.
    Remove battery - move BIOS jumper into position to clear - refit battery and start.
    I usually then go to the save screen and select 'default settings'.
    Now restart with a boot disk and fdisk/mbr - or with XP fix/mbr
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