Passed SY0-201 !

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First time go! 789/900. Not a great score but a pass is a pass I guess. Also I passed CIW Web Foundations also, easy stuff.
Passed LOT2 :)Working on FMV2(CHFI v8 ) Done!


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    Congrats on the pass! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congratz on both passes!

    Did you use anything to study for the CIW Web Foundations?
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    Congrats Job Well DOne
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    Congrats on your passes!
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    Congrats on your passes!
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    Congrats on both passes,awesome job....
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    Thanks alot everyone, I absolutely love this forum! As for the CIW test the only thing I really needed to study was html and css

    here is where I learned, took one night to cover it.

    TheNewBoston – Free Educational Video Tutorials on Computer Programming and More!

    really good tutorials over there; he is doing a good thing
    Passed LOT2 :)Working on FMV2(CHFI v8 ) Done!
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    Im going to start studying for C|EH; I am kind of overwhelmed with it, I really don't know where to start. the breadth of the information covered, a lot you know.

    Any current/recent C|EH awardees, or in training care to help me out?

    I am doing this in lieu of classes for WGU; INC1 and math.
    Passed LOT2 :)Working on FMV2(CHFI v8 ) Done!
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    alan, I added you on linked in.
    Passed LOT2 :)Working on FMV2(CHFI v8 ) Done!
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