'Pirates of Silicon Valley'

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Has anybody watched the movie 'Pirates of Silicon Valley'? Did they portrayed the character of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs correctly?

Pirates of Silicon Valley (TV 1999) - IMDb
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    I have seen it. Since a lot of the story is told from the viewpoint of Ballmer and Wozinski I don't think you can take the character portrayals as absolutely accurate, but overall the movie is interesting.
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    Noah Wiley (sp) who played Jobs did an excellent job. I want to say after the movie was made, Wiley came on stage during one of Steve's keynote speeches "impersonating" Jobs (turtle neck, jeans etc).

    I think I read somewhere that Wozniak really liked the actor who portrayed him and thought he did a good job.

    Edit: Here's the Wikipedia article on the film. Go down to the "Production" segment and it talks about Wozniak and Job's view of the film.
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