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Can the 1751 support a vwic-2mft-t1-di, a vic-2fxs, and a vic-2e/m. The DSP calculator on the cisco site tells me that I cannot use the two vics if I configure both T1 interfaces for voice calls.

I know that the 1751 can handle a total of 30 calls. Can I configure the two T1s with 12 trunks each, then spread the vics across the remaining 6 calls?


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    tunerXtunerX Member Posts: 447 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Cisco is right.

    If I remove the E/M and FXS cards I can configure both T1 ports for voice channels. If another vic is inserted I get the following error.

    1751_1(config)#tdm clock t1 1/1 voice import t1 1/0
    % T1 voice switch not available for this configuration

    When a vic is inserted I get an auto generated config for the t1 card.

    tdm clock T1 1/0 both export line
    tdm clock T1 1/1 data import T1 1/0 internal
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