RedHat cancelled my exam

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I think I read about this in the forum already but couldn't find it to vent.

I just got an email from them that they cancelled my RHCE exam which I scheduled for September 9th. This really sucks. The closest Red Hat Test Center is two hours away but I planned to visit a friend that lives nearby. Now I can change my whole weekend planning and they don't even have any good alternate dates left for this year.

Only good thing is that I was also preparing for Cisco SWITCH at the same time which will now be my next victim of choice!
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    That blows man. It will give you more time to study (not that you need it).
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    Sorry to hear that. A couple of my more Linux orientated colleagues had exactly the same happen to them earlier this year - not good!

    As Bl8ckr0uter says, view it as having extra time to study :)
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