Study time for MCDBA

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    Well it seems that you have already explained what you won't do. Wikipedia should not have been your primary source since many articles have no peer review. Microsoft itself is the defacto source for what you want. In the past a general windows server exam was a requirement and at the old exam prices it MCDBA would have been 4 exams at 125 USD each. Exam prices were very recently raised to 150 but you can no longer obtain the MCDBA. It has been replaced by MCITP-DBA the current iteration of which are two MCTS exams 70-432 and 70-450 at $150 each. Microsoft still recommends that you have general windows server experience. Take this link

    Microsoft SQL Server Certification l Database Administrator and Developer

    Look on the far upper right side and download the cert path PDF. Also read all the extensive info on the various tabs which is more than these old hands are willing to write. Some of your comments trouble me since you need someone to explain to you where to find relevant information, but whatever. I am sure that your first Microsoft exam will be enlightening for you. Enlightening in that the exams cover more than what many do in their day to day work.

    Before you ask, yes I have taken these exams and many more Microsoft tests; I just find no need to constantly broadcast that unless someone asks. I am in the what have you done lately crowd and nothing behind me matters. Boomer mentality probably.

    Oh and welcome to TechExams. :)
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    Whatever; it is very rare that I make that kind of response. However I thought you were being rude or at least some what arrogant from the start, so that is tit for tat I guess. If you knew more that your teacher at the university level then you do not need my help. You could make a few bucks as an adjunct professor. Prometric would have answered your pricing questions for any Microsoft exam. You should have run across their name under "where to take the exam".

    As to why I answered, not many members respond in this area so if I have time, I try to help. I shall endeavor to stifle myself in the future.

    I wish you the all best in your future endeavors my enlightened friend.

    Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of technology?... The Shadow DO
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