Another 702 pass

myedjo24myedjo24 Member Posts: 92 ■■□□□□□□□□
I finished up the little A+ cert with a 800 on the 702. The test was really odd though, because I got one question six different times and multiple other questions kept repeating. I didn't really mind though because the ones that kept repeating I knew. I just thought it was really weird. I had like 20ish window 7 questions, 5ish Vista, 5ish XP, and like 1 Windows 2000 question. The rest were related to hardware. I didn't really use anything to study. I just kind of used personal experience and knowledge. I took the little practice exam thing WGU gives you and that's about it. The next cert is what ever WGU wants me to take, which I think it's going to be project+ next.


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