eigrp wildcard & no auto-summary

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Can you use a wildcard instead of no auto-summary? Is it such that if you don't use a wildcard then you would need to use no auto-summary command? Help, I'm confused!


  • martell1000martell1000 Member Posts: 389

    these both items dont affect each other

    with the wildcard mask you define the networks (interfaces) which should participate in eigrp

    the auto / no auto then works like an on/off button to determine if advertisments should be summerized inte classfull boundries
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  • pham0329pham0329 Member Posts: 556
    wildcards and auto-summary aren't really related. You use a wildcard to specify which interface runs EIGRP. No auto-summary is used to prevent EIGRP from summarizing routes back to the classful address.

    Edit: meh, I was too late and ended up repeating what martell is saying
  • anccnadianccnadi Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    okay, got it. Thanks!
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