Passed CEH V7 (Reviewed)

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As the title indicates I have passed the CEH V7. Now on to the review. I took the official Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures course through SecurityNinja. I reviewed no material prior to attending the course. So I utilized prior experience and the course as a means of preparing for the exam.

Positive: The trainer that we had was absolutely great. He was very knowledgeably on Information security subjects and offered real world experience. I did get the opportunity to sit in a room for one week with highly skilled Information Security professionals; and that was fun. Students were constantly hacking each others computers.

NEGATIVE: What attracted me to taking the course was the advertisement of the hands on/Labs that CEH V7 offered. Much of the class was simply reviewing slides. We did not do "ANY" labs!!! Much of the exercises I performed independently. So the reviewing of slides became painful.

Summary: I think the information that is offered by the CEH V7 is INVALUABLE. It gave me a closer perspective on penetration testing and ethical hacking. But, I would highly recommend self-study. Don't spend the money on the course. However, If you can get your hands on the study material from EC-Council then you will be better off self-study over a month period. The problem is with how EC-Councils has structured the course for CEH V7. There is no way to cram all of the information along with the hacking tools within a one week period. Much of the course was dedicated on making sure students pass the exam. The exam required me to leverage my experience with Databases, Networking, Security and programming.

Up next: SANS GSEC or GCIH
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