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I've been out of work for 3 months, and while I do have experience working in support, WANs mostly, I don't have any certs, but am getting pretty desperate for work.

My question is, do I knock out my A+ or MCP Win 7 desktop, to get myself more marketable? I know that certs beauty is in the eye of the beholder, mostly recruiters, but I've got to do something. While long term A+/MCP stuff is not what I want to do, I just want to get some cash flow for the next 6 months or so, till I can get something I want to do. I'm hoping a cert of two at least gets me an interview, as that's the hardest part.

I could pursue out my CCNA, but that will take me much more time, although that's more of what my background is. My resume is rather varied, as I've held support roles in a variety of different backgrounds and settings, but I just need a job.

Below is my resume, with specific info hidden. Let me know what I should highlight, remove, etc. I had it professional done about 5 years ago, and have added to it as needed as I've picked up new jobs.

Needless to say, I'm a bit frustrated, and looking for any constructive advice.


Management Leadership ~ Project Management & Implementation ~ Staff Supervision & Training
Provisioning ~ Internet Marketing ~ Network Monitoring ~ Web Development

Proven ability to manage diverse personalities and execute time-sensitive decisions in rapidly changing environments. Demonstrated successes in completing projects on-time and within budgeted guidelines. Dynamic relationship builder and adaptable team player. Additional capabilities include:

• Technical Assurance • Vendor Relations • Information Assurance
• Monitoring & Evaluation • Handset Provisioning • Performance Management
• Integrated Marketing Solutions • Web Development • Customer Quality Assurance

Technical SKILLS

Network: Cisco routers 2620, 1720, 2500, and switches 2950 and 1924, Timeplex routers, Dell switches 2748, Visual Networks CSU/DSUs, Txport DSUs, Clonezilla, Ubuntu and Debian Linux, Visio, Lucent switches, DSOs, DS1s, DS3s, Blackberry devices (PST and Provisioning), Android devices (Provisioning), iPhone, Ethernet and FDDI cabling.

Ticketing & Software: C# (Junior level), Python (Junior level), HTML/CSS, Javascript, Google Adwords, Yahoo SEM, Google Traffic Estimator, Remedy, Clarify, REACT software, VTAM, TCP/IP, WFA, SNA, Frame Relay, ATM, Unix, Linux, Microsoft Office 97, XP, 2000, 20003, 2007, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2K, Vista, 7 and Terminal Server, HP OpenView, Visual Uptime, Tivoli, NetView 6K, NetRanger, Cascade, and WebMon, and Concord NetHealth.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2010-2011
Value added reseller of wireless devices
Production Engineer

• Prepare engineering samples including configuration and testing.
• Document all software and configurations to ensure reproducibility
• Seek OEM, independent research and other industry support as needed to accomplish tasks
• Provide cross-departmental support and advise on all handset technical issues
• Support and troubleshoot production programming operations
• Identify, isolate issues and report immediate resolutions to production leads and related teams
• Maintain production PC’s hardware, software, programming tools and verify the compatibility of the
OEM tools with security patches and operating systems
• Maintain related systems such as barcode scanners and high-volume labeling systems
• Make warehouse and production improvement recommendations
• Represent Engineering team during new initiatives and related customer communications, Chicago, Illinois 2005-2010
e-Retailer of children’s clothing and apparel.

Website Manager/Technical Support

Govern all aspects of operations and customer service duties for a retail children’s clothing e-business.
• Engineer and maintain full-service website that includes banner ads, pop-ups, and search engine optimizations.
• Provide customers with a central, professional, and knowledgeable point-of-contact to report grievances.
• Employ exceptional relationship building, consultative selling, and customer service techniques.
• Research, identify, and negotiate online advertising opportunities with online portals and niche sites.
• Handle all Internet marketing and public relations initiatives to effectively promote and generate business.
• Generate customer invoices, complete shipping documentation, and coordinate shipping logistics.
• Increased profitability by 100%x over initial projection and achieved 97% customer service satisfaction rating.
• Supports laptop and desktop computers, software support, and printer support.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx., Rosemont, Illinois 2001-2005
Fortune 50 company and nation's leader in telecommunications.

Senior Security Analyst (2004-2005)

• Investigated consumer and commercial long distance calling patterns for fraudulent activities to protect all voice and data networks from internal and external abuse through verification of data from audit programs.
• Assisted with selection, configuration, and maintenance of security software, utilities, and hardware.
• Interfaced daily with voice and data network engineering groups to identify and resolve technical issues.
• Analyzed processes and procedures to ensure operational disruptions are minimized and readily mitigated.
• Communicated daily with up to 120 customers and maintained detail documentation of phone conversations.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx INC. (Continued)
Network Field Manager (2002-2004)

• Directed 42 Union Technicians in areas job design, performance standards, and safety compliance.
• Facilitated meetings, processed payroll, maintained work schedule, and ensured weekend duty coverage.
• Negotiated and managed multiple vendors to procure network, voice, mobile equipment, and other services.
• Increased staff performance by 25% over pervious regime through implementation of team-building strategies.

Customer Technical Service Engineer (2001-2002)

• Troubleshot /resolved DS0, DS1, DS3, T1, T3, OC3-OC48 Frame Relay, and ATM circuits (Tier 2) problems.
• Served as Acting Supervisor to five team members that included job assignment delegation and quality control.
• Selected as Team Lead for multiple projects and reported progress of major outages to senior management.
• Collaborated with internal technicians and external vendors to isolate trouble in circuits from carrier facilities.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Prospect Heights, Illinois 2000-2001
One of the nation's largest single source providers of IT and communications staffing and services.

WAN Analyst – Household International & Spirian

• Managed planning, coordination, configuration, installation, and management of all Wide Area Networks.
• Performed proactive traffic engineering functions to ensure stable performance environment through enterprise.
• Identified and resolved hardware/software technical malfunctions related to WAN’s and affiliated equipment.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Chicago, Illinois 1999-2000
Second largest long distance phone company.

LAN Administrator

• Administered networks for sales offices in Hong Kong and U.K. through Windows NT Terminal Server.
• Assisted Senior Administrators, DBA’s, and UNIX Administrators with maintenance activities.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), Oak Brook, Illinois 1998-1999
Leader in providing IT career opportunities and premier provider of contract IT and IS staffing solutions.

Lead Help Desk Technician – IBM Global Services

• Monitored global e-banking network that used NetView 6K, Tivoli, and Net Ranger from remote location.
• Troubleshooting AIX Web Servers and conducted connectivity checks on servers/e-bank connectivity.


Communications Center Operator

• Handled all downloading, uploading, and processing of LAN/WAN-based classified message traffic.
• Installed, operated, and troubleshot cryptographic security systems, security regulations, and safety needs.
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