Cisco IT Essentials, anyone?

killwarkillwar Member Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□
Anyone did the course Cisco IT Essentials or just me??

i often see people mentioning A+ and Network+ ... but no body mentions this great course by Cisco story was i didnt have enough money to go for both Comptia's A+ and N+ but found that course at a training center in my country.

I've gone through the A+ and Network+ topics to see the differences between them and i noticed that they were somehow similar to what i learned in IT essentials although in the end it seemed like it was a mixture of both the A+ and Network+ but really in depth.

I really was in doubt after the course the somehow luckily i was hired as It technician with just that certificate.My boss said i know my stuff better than the A+ Network+ Certified guys at work icon_wink.gif


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